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This is a special post to let you all know that in next week's episode, "G.L.U.E.", you will finally be allowed to meet NayNay, Pimpsy's rarely discussed wife as well as his dearest friend Clover, among others.

If you thought there was drama at gay clubs, you haven't met the other members of the Force yet.

In fact, their addition into the cast of Anthros (which will be further discussed on Tuesday during the next update. Look for their special section of the "Characters" menu), will lead to a three parter later in the season: the conclusion of the Equine Brotherhood arc when we find out what happened to Darnell (formerly Mr. Pony Guy) and who Landon Parks really is.

That's TWO trilogies in one season! The other, of course, is the conclusion to this war business.

In general, this season will have a lot of conclusions due to the nature of next season. Of course, there will be new beginnings as well. Very big new beginnings.

And before I say too much and stop taking away any surprises, I'll leave you with that.
Thanks for reading!

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