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AnthroConvo: the LJ

Anthropomorphic Conversations
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Anthroporphic Conversations is a web-based television show. There is no video to download, as it is all done with images and tables. It's a web-based-comic-television-show. There is one episode a week, and about twenty episodes per season.

What is it about? The show focuses on Tom (eyu) and the belongings in his apartment. There are some characters and objects (called Anthros) that do not belong to Tom. Those are usually bad guys. If you like what you see but don't know what's going on, you should check out the "Key Episodes" link. That will give you anything you really need to know about the many plots of AnthroConvo.

Many of the human characters on AnthroConvo also have LJ's...

BRENT: iambossanova
CHRIS: chronochris
EMILY: emminova
ERIN: pinkpolopony
KELLY: kellbot
KIM: pinkpuppybelly
TASHA: tashasquasha

A couple things before we move on with our lives:

Perhaps you like AnthroConvo and want to be a character? Well, the chances of that are very, very slim. All of the characters are good friends of mine. Only one of them was met via LJ and that was the Villain Kim. If you ask me to make you a character, most likely I won't. Sorry. There are millions of people on the internet. However, if you are cunning enough and I don't realize what you are doing (and I am a Scorpio, so that's hard to do!) then you might just get close enough to be a new character.

The purpose of this community is to spread the word about AnthroConvo, talk about it, predict what's going to happen, if any of you are so into it you feel the need to fanfic, there is certainly a lot of sexual tension between cast members. This is also where polls will be posted, as well as new episode notifications (which usually take place sometime on Tuesdays). Mass communication, baby.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: AnthroConvo is not trying to make money. It's something that is done for fun. All video game characters, movie characters, etc. mentioned or featured in AnthroConvo are the property of the company that created them. The beliefs of the characters in AnthroConvo are in no way meant to accurately reflect the beliefs of the actual people and are in most incidences caricatures.

AnthroConvo was created by me, Tom A. Thorogood in 2003. If you try to make money off of it without permission, Shu-Tsi-Ken and I will pay a visit to your house.

That is all. Enjoy. :-D